Swingers China

Swinging in China is all the rage among the young elite! Swingers in China have long been secretive in their encounters due to an old Chinese law that makes it illegal. For that reason, a lot of Chinese swingers travel to meet other swingers in Asia. Some of the popular destinations for Chinese swingers is Japan, to meet swingers in Tokyo.

For those of you who don’t know what swinging is, swinging is a term used to identify married or unmarried couples that are in an “open marriage” or “open relationship.”

During the last 20 years, Chinese swingers have become more sexually active and experimental, and are almost five times more likely to have sexual relations before marriage than ever before. The percentage of people having sex before marriage went from 15% in 1989 to 74% per cent in 2010.

This dramatic change in such a short period of time marks what Yinhe claims is a ‘sexual revolution’ for the people of China.

Swinging in China is more popular among “mixed” couples (Typically a Caucasian male and Chinese female).

Traditional Chinese couples swing differently: The male keeps three or four mistresses. And the married Chinese female knows and couldn’t care less.

Middle class business owners often have a wife and a girl friend. But the girl friend is normally some bar girl, or maybe some girl that needs help paying for college etc… But these elite/government class people are in essence swinging! They will only have sex with other married people of roughly the same class.

They wouldn’t admit to swinging, but I have to suspect that is because there is less risk of a scandal that would cause both very powerful families to lose face.

In other words if they swing with someone that has as much to lose as they do the feel more secure that they won’t be exposed.