Swingers Clubs in China

There’s no such thing as public swingers clubs in China, but a lot of the Swingers parties in China happen privately.

Swinging in China is definitely not regarded as part of the mainstream. It’s not that there’s no swinging in China. It’s somewhere. Like so many things in China, it’s somewhere underground.

There are many private groups that organize house parties and hotel meetups for Chinese swingers. Most of them are for expats or mixed race couples (Normally western Husband and Chinese wife).

If you’re looking for swingers parties in China, you will probably get frustrated because of the difficulty in finding them. However, if you look in the right places, you will find there;s a big underground sex & swingers scene in China on regular basis. Check out some of the Asian swingers sites like RedHotPie Asia.

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