Sex in Beijing

Massage parlors are everywhere in Beijing and they’re fronts for sex services. There are also barber shops, KTV, strip clubs, and underground brothels in Beijing. There is no specific red light district in Beijing, but you can usually find girls dressed in skimpy clothing during the night time on lonesome streets waiting to be picked up. I found quite a few of them unexpectedly while walking in Beijing at 4am in the morning. You might ask what I was doing at 4am in Beijing, but I was walking to the metro station from my hotel since I needed to get to a specific line and the Beijing subway station doesn’t open until 5am.

There were also pimps standing outside of the Sheraton Great Wall hotel soliciting escorts to come to my hotel room. He whipped out his phone’s calculator and asked me for 800 Chinese Yuan ~ $129.03 USD for a girl to come up to my room for sex and then quickly lowered the price to 600RMB ~ $96.77 USD. I politely declined as I was walking away and he asked “How much you want to pay?” I told him that I was not interested and he asked how much I had with me. I told him that I had 100RMB and then he said that I could come to the KTV bar with lots of girls and have a drink. He said he will give me a free taxi ride to the Karaoke bar and I knew where that was going to go.

The main point of his scheme was to sucker me into buying drinks at an establishment where he will get a commission and the taxi driver will get a kickback for getting me into the Karaoke KTV bar. People who fall for this scheme will usually get a large $500-$1,000 USD bill at the end for buying a few drinks and will be forced to withdraw money from the ATM or pay with a credit card.

Mandarin Sex Phrasebook

Chinese Sex Talk

Some Chinese words for sex really sound quite beautiful, and you should say them to your lover if you can – otherwise the slightly more blunt modern words below are also fine.

Nice words first:

|*English*|*Pinyin*|*Chinese*| |Oral Sex M-F (Lit: Taste peach)|Pĭntáo|品桃| |Oral Sex F-M (Lit: Play the flute)|Chuīxiāo|吹箫| |Make love (Lit: Together-joy)|Héhuān|合欢| |Clitoris (Lit: Stamen)|Huāruĭ|花蕊| |Anus (Lit: Chrysanthemum)|Júhuā|菊花|

And the more usual words:

English Pinyin Chinese
Sex Xìng
To make love Zuò aì 做爱
Shag Dǎ pào 打炮
Shag(lit: Fry Rice) Chǎo fàn 炒饭
F**k (C**t) Cào bī 肏屄
Oral sex Kǒu jiāo 口交
Blowjob Kǒuhuó 口活
Suck cock (lit: To eat ice cream) Chī bīngqílín 吃冰淇淋
Handjob Shǒuhuó 手活
Titw**k Xiōngtuī 胸推
Anal Sex Gāngjiāo 肛交
69 Liùshíjiǔ 69

Things you might want to do:

|*English*|*Pinyin*|*Chinese*| |Fondle|Mō|抹| |Bite|Yǎo|咬| |Lick|Tiǎn|忝| |Pat|Pāi|拍| |Pinch|Nīe|聂| |Twist|Nĭng|拧| |Rub|Róu|揉|

and things you might like to do it to:

English Pinyin Chinese
Breasts Rǔfáng 乳房
Nipples Rǔtóu 乳头
Vagina Yīndào 阴道
Clitoris 阴蒂
Anus Gāngmén 肛门
Penis Jībā 鸡巴
Balls Gāowān 睾丸

And a few words that don’t fit in anywhere else:

English Pinyin Chinese
Orgasm Gāocháo 高潮
Condom Bìyùntào 避孕套
Contraceptive Bìyùnyào 避孕药
Prostitute Jìnǔ 妓女
Hooker (Lit: Little Chicken) Xiǎo Jī 小鸡
Male Prostitute Jìnán 妓男
Gigolo (Lit: Duck) Yāzi 鸭子